No Moral Compass

One of the curious features of the sub-prime crisis is why no-one in authority seems to have spotted what was going on and stopped it before it got out of hand.   After all, it doesn’t take a financial genius to realize that something is wrong when loans are made with complete disregard for ability to pay – hence the description of some borrowers as “NINJAs” (No Income, No Job, No Assets) – coupled with widespread evidence of predatory lending practices ranging from gross misrepresentation to illegal kickbacks.

Whether the primary motivation is consumer protection or regulating the financial system the answer has to be the same: this is dangerous, possibly even criminal.

Now it turns out in an article written by Eliot Spitzer shortly before the events that cost him his job as Governor of New York State that the growing sub-prime scandal was spotted in good time.  In fact the authorities in all 50 states took action to curb predatory lending ranging from litigation to legislation but unbelievably were prevented from doing anything by the Bush Administration.

Indeed the Bush Administration went so far as to promulgate new rules based on old legislation enacted for an entirely different purpose to prevent states enforcing their own existing consumer protection against national banks despite determined opposition from state authorities.

In the final analysis government must be a deeply moral activity; amongst other things, it must protect the weak and not allow itself to become a tool of the rich and powerful.  Without a moral compass it will loose whatever mandate it might have started with AND will also screw things up for everyone – including the rich and powerful.


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