Less red tape could get you to Prague

The EU is, it seems, not completely lacking in self-awareness and has some understanding that its bureaucratic burdens impact the real world. 

The High Level Group of Independent Stakeholders on Administrative Burdens (sic) is therefore inviting people to submit any ideas for reducing red tape arising from the EU.  The three entrants with the best ideas will be invited to present them in a ceremony in Prague in May 2009.

Now, I am not against reducing red tape.  Quite the opposite in fact.  But throwing random ideas – however good they may be – at the problem and hoping that some will stick is hardly up to the task.  Governments (here in the UK as in the EU) have long paid lip-service to reducing red tape but in reality they only ever seem to do the opposite.

What we need is a systemic approach, not a scattergun.

One cheer for the HLGISAB!

(H/T Mark Mardell Euroblog)





One cheer I think.


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