Banana republic

Glenn Greenwald hits the bullseye with a superb post on comparing the US now to Russia and Argentina during past crises.   His article is a must read by any standards.

He starts by quoting Desmond Lachman, a former IMF official, who describes his experience of Russia and Asia.

I still recall the shock I felt at a meeting in Russia’s dingy Ministry of Finance, where I finally realized how a handful of young oligarchs were bringing Russia’s economy to ruin in the pursuit of their own selfish interests, despite the supposed brilliance of Anatoly Chubais, Russia’s economic czar at the time.


I often heard Asian reformers such as Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew or Japan’s Eisuke Sakakibara complain about how the incestuous relationship between governments and large Asian corporate conglomerates stymied real economic change.

Greenwald observes (following Yves Smith) that this is now also the road the US is on.

 … Citibank and Bank of America are now using TARP funds they received not to extend more loans (the ostensible purpose of the bailout), but rather, to buy up more and more of the very distressed assets that Geithner insists they need to be relieved of, because they now know that, under Geithner’s plan, they will be able to sell them at a substantial profit courtesy of public funds (i.e, the Government will buy those crippled assets at well above their current market price).  

Quite simply, this is looting of the public purse by a powerful elite.  Greenwald goes on to put his finger on the central problem.

The key dynamic underlying all of this — the linchpin that allows it all to happen and, historically, the primary hallmark of a deeply broken nation — is the total elimination of the rule of law for the ruling class, with a simultaneous intensification of the law as a weapon against the citizenry.  Does anyone expect there to be any widespread prosecutions for those most responsible for the looting, systematic fraud and grand-scale theft of the last decade? 

It’s not quite as bad as that here in Britain as yet but we need to be alert; it’s a very slippery slope. 

The choice is between holding unequivocally to the rule of law or becoming just another banana republic.

(H/T naked capitalism)


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