This is why any sort of voting machine is a bad idea

It’s obvious really.  Traditional voting in person paper systems are hard to corrupt; too many people would have to be involved.  And because it’s difficult to do and certain to be detected there is litttle incentive even to try which is ultimately the best protection of all.

With voting machines a reasonably capable hacker can steal any election, and much more cheaply than by campaigning.  And if moderately well done, no-one would ever know – not for sure.



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  1. Posted by Dougf on 18 March 2011 at 10:30 pm

    Well I don’t really care all that much about the methods of registering the votes, but as a Canadian who watched the INTERMINABLE counting and announcing of results from the last UK election, I must say that the word ‘archaic’ comes clearly to mind.
    We are able to announce results here almost at once and ONLY in very close races do things drag on. Is there a real need to wait until every last ballot has been counted before announcing the winners ? I saw results that took at least 6 hours to announce and when they were announced the winner won by a VAST amount.
    Improvements are required in the UK. The way you are doing it is just sort of sad. No-one needs to be awake at 3.00 AM just to hear that they won by an overwhelming percentage. Especially when EVERYONE knew who was going to win that constituency anyway.


  2. You watch too much Hollywood movies. Voting machines cannot be hack so easily. In order to hack so many machines, you need a lot of resources. It would be easier & cheaper for the rich bad guy to buy votes instead of tampering the machines. Tradition voting in person paper system help dictators stayed in power in many countries for decades. In order for any voting system to be perfect, you need honest election officials. A perfect voting machines serve as counters and printers. Every vote should be counted and printed with a paper trail for auditing.


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